C-Max(c) Control Wizard software (ADICON 2500)

Comes FREE with your Ocelot(TM) or Leopard(TM) II controller.
  • Comes FREE with your Ocelot or Leopard II controller.
  • Simple If-Then-Else Commands.
  • Transmit and receive Infrared commands.
  • Transmit and receive X-10 commands.
  • Real Time Clock lets you create events at a specific time, day week, year or any combination you desire.
  • Can combine functions such as transmit a IR command when an X-10 command is received, when a certain time is reached, close a relay based on a received IR or X-10 command, time of day, when a timer reaches a certain time; the possibilities are endless.
  • Control up to 128 modules.
  • Transmit and receive ASCII commands.


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ADICON 2500 powerful C-Max© Control Wizard software allows you to write simple If-Then-Else programs to make your ADICON 2500 home automation system do just about anything you want it to do. You can also directly test your discrete inputs and outputs from the various modules you can connect to the Ocelot or Leopard II controllers, send and receive X-10 and infrared commands and so much more!


C-Max© has the power and flexibility to program your ADICON 2500 do just what you need it to do!

Below are screen shots showing just a few of the things you can do with the powerful C-Max© software:

Simple If-Then-Else commands makes your ADICON 2500 series do exactly what you want it to do when you want it to do it!

Control Wizard IF
Control Wizard THEN
Drop down menus make creating your program quick and easy!

Controller Access IR
Monitor the status of all of your modules from the C-Max© Controller Access Screen. You can monitor learn, transmit and receive Infrared commands directly from the Controller Access screen.

Controller Access X-10
Transmit X-10 commands, including extended and Leviton® X10. You can even monitor X-10 being transmitted and received.

Controller Access Modules
Turn relays on and off using ADICON 2500 SECU16 and RLY8XA, record and transmit audio messages through ADICON 2500 Speakeasy and transmit ASCII messages through ADICON 2500 RS232 and RS485 Bobcat modules, all right from ADICON 2500 C-Max© Controller Access screen!


Note: Instructions for using C-Max© is in the Ocelot and Leopard II manuals. For instructions concerning C-Max©, download either the Leopard II or Ocelot manual.

Brochure ADI Brochure
Manual Ocelot Manual
Manual Leopard II Manual


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WARNING: It requires proper installation by qualified personnel only.
FCC approved; not CE approved.


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