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09793 CM15PRO Programmable Computer Interface (X-10 Controllers)

Computer interface including ActiveHomePro software.
  • CM15Pro™ Programmable Computer Interface
  • Ready built X-10 RF transmitter and X-10 transceiver (like the TM13) for specific or all home codes.
  • Can be placed out of sight because of the supplied 1 metre power cord.
  • The CM15Pro is the interface between X-10 and your computer and can directly be connected to the USB port of your computer.

Item #: 09793-CON-CM15PRO

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EUR 199,00



Home Control with your PC

Marmitek, specialist in the field of X-10 home automation, introduces the CM15Pro! With this computer interface, and the supplied ActiveHomePro software, you can control and operate your home automation with your computer.


In combination with this CM15Pro you only need receivers to switch your lighting and appliances on and off. With your computer you can set whatever you like. Random switching of your lighting (intelligent presence simulation), create a home movie theatre, control your exterior lighting or have your coffee ready when you are woken by the atmospheric lighting in your bedroom. Using the conditional macros you can set conditions which the computer interface takes into account. For instance; the main lighting in the living room only needs to be switched on when somebody enters this room, it is dark outside and the atmospheric lighting is off. Once your settings are programmed you can save them in the memory of the CM15Pro and turn off your computer.

Professional successor of the CM11

This is more than just a replacement of the CM11. With bonuses like extended codes, conditional macros, a built in X-10 RF transmitter and X-10 transceiver (like the TM13) for specific or all home codes, this product offers the functionality of a computer interface and transceiver in one.

Furthermore the CM15Pro has more extended programming possibilities and a memory for about 1400 macros/timers.

With this you can expand your home automation almost unlimitedly. Because it is equipped with a 1 metre power cord, it can be mounted out of sight easily.


Technical info
  • Supply voltage : 230 VAC 50 Hz, 7 Watt
  • Supply current : <30 mA
  • Backup battery: 1x 9V 6LR61 alkaline block battery
  • Backup time: 1 week typ
  • X10 Powerline: 120 kHz ± 2 kHz / 2.5 Vpk-pk
  • Signal sensitivity: 15 mVpp min, 50 mVpp max at 120 kHz
  • Signal / noise ratio 1,35 : 1
  • X10 transmission: 1 pulse burst at 0, 60 and 120 degrees.
  • X10 Key codes it can transmit: All units Off, All Lights On, On, Off, Dim, Bright, All Lights Off, Extended Code 1 type 0, Extended Code 1 type 3, Hail Acknowledge, Pre-Set Dim, Status Request, RF commands
  • X10 Key codes to respond to: All units Off, All Lights On, On, Off, Dim, Bright, All Lights Off, Extended Code 1 type 3, Hail Request, Pre-Set Dim, Status Request, RF commands
  • X10 Collision detection: Present
  • Input impedance: > 180 Ohm (P-N) at 120 kHz
  • RF Range: up to max. 30 meters (note: the unit should be mounted at a height of 1 metre for best performance and located away from any sources of RF interference such as computers, monitors, etc).
  • RF Power: 10 mW (maximum)
  • RF receiver frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • RF transmitter frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C - +50°C
  • Storage temperature range: -20°C - +70°C
  • Dimensions: 66.7 x 113.5 x 45.3 mm (W x L x H)


  • ActiveHomePro software is supplied on CD for Windows 7 / XP / Vista
  • User friendly software for beginners, with numerous extension possibilities for the experienced X-10 user.
  • More programming possibilities because of conditional macros. For instance; the simulation of presence is executed only when your alarm is activated.
  • With extras like extended codes, conditional macros and a built in transceiver, this product offers the functionality of a computer interface and a transceiver in one. With your computer you can program whatever you like. Switching on your lights at set or varying times (intelligent presence simulation), creating a home movie theatre, switching your outside lighting or having a fresh pot of coffee ready when you are woken up by the atmospheric lighting in your bedroom. Once everything is set according to your wishes, you can enter this into the memory of the CM15Pro and turn off your computer.
  • See www.activehomepro.it for more information and free software updates!

The CM15Pro has become the standard interface for third party software on various platforms and is supported by, inter alia, the following software packages:

  • Magiesta Demo Version: A demo version of Magiesta is supplied on CD for Windows 7 / XP / Vista. See TAB software for more information
  • HomeSeer for Windows 7 / XP / Vista / 2000
  • Indigo for Mac
  • MisterHouse for Windows 95/98/NT/2k/XP Unix based platforms such as Linux and Mac OSX
  • X10 Commander for iOS/Android




08166 TIP10RF (X-10 Controllers)

IP to X-10 RF Transceiver.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet to operate your X-10 devices.
  • The TIP10RF is the interface between the X-10 and smartphone or tablet and is connected directly to your network router using the supplied network cable.
  • The TIP10RF sends commands wirelessly to the nearest transceiver, e.g. a TM13 or CM15Pro.
  • Works without a computer: no need to leave your computer turned on.
  • The TIP10RF will be automatically detected when used within a home network. When used outside the home network, the router should be set to NAT or Port Forwarding.
  • Download the free Android app from the Play Store and/or the iOS app for iPhone/iPad.
  • Works excellently in combination with a CM15Pro because of the built-in transceiver, macro function, programmable timers, etc.

Item #: 08166-CON-TIP10RF

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EUR 89,95




TIP10RF, the latest controller to operate Marmitek X-10 Home Automation using free app on your smartphone or tablet.

Marmitek X-10 Home Automation enables you to (automatically) operate equipment and switch lighting on/off within your home.
Obviously, you can already operate the system by using either a Marmitek remote control, a computer with the Marmitek software plus interface or a personalised Touch Panel that could be used both as a wall panel or a table model.
But now it's also possible to operate your Marmitek X-10 installation from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet.

Close your shutters from your holiday address when your weather app warns you about a thunderstorm approaching your home. Turn on the lights while approaching your home to avoid entering a dark driveway. Switch on the garden lights while at a party, because your brother wants to come by your home and borrow the barbecue. Wherever you are, use your smartphone or tablet to operate your X-10 Home Automation System.

Installing the TIP10RF is easy. Connect the receiver to your router at home, install the app and it's ready for operation.


  • Supply voltage: 100-240Vac / 12VDC 500mA
  • Power consumption: < 2.5W
  • Transmits X-10 RF Key codes: On, Off, Dim, Bright
  • RF Transmission Range: Up to 30m free field, up to 20m through walls and ceilings
  • RF frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Size (L x W x D) or (L x W x H): 48x60x23 mm
  • LED: Transmit
  • Ambient temperature: 0°C to +50°C (Operation) / -20°C to +70°C (Storage)
  • Weight: 35 grams

In order to continue improving the product, Marmitek reserves the right to change specifications and/or designs without prior notice


Download the Marmitek TIP10RF remote app on the Google Play Store or the TIP10RF By Marmitek B.V. app on the Apple App Store.

Google Play      Apple App Store


Alcatel One Touch 991D
Alcatel One Touch 991D

Compact design and rounded lines that make it simple and easy to handle. Dual Sim, Dual Standby. Packed with features to meet any need. Equipped with the Android v2.3 operating system and an 800 MHz processor.
Product available from our professional partner for Mobile Phones robertoshop.it




CM19 X10 USB Transceiver (X-10 Controllers)

RF Transmitter/Receiver.
  • Sends and receives X10 RF signals
  • Compatible with several home automation software

Item #: HAU-CON-CM19

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 days

EUR 39,95



CM19 - X10 USB Transceiver

RF transmitter/receiver.

The CM19 interface sends and receives radio (RF) signals wirelessly, and works with different software such as HomeSeer or mControl. It uses the same API as the CM15Pro interface.

Connected to the USB port of a computer, it receives RF commands from X10 detectors or remote controls and communicates them to the software. The software interprets these commands and instructs the CM19 interface to send the appropriate RF commands to a TM13 or RPT transmitter.

The CM19 can thus work with software to automatically turn on lights, electrical appliances, cameras, when movement is detected, and also allows you to control lights, electrical appliances and cameras from the Internet.


ATTENTION: extreme local conditions such as thick walls, a great deal of iron in walls or ceilings and high levels of radiation as a result of radio/TV masts next to the house may make signal transmission impossible. 99% of European housing, however, should encounter no problems at all in terms of signal loss.




09832 EasyTouch Panel10 (X-10 Controllers)

X-10 Home Automation Touch Panel.
  • Operate all your lights and appliances, wirelessly with a touch of your finger
  • 10"/25 cm touch screen for operating all your X-10 modules.
  • Provides an insight into your Haibrain X-10 installation and makes it easier to operate for everyone in the house!
  • Fully wireless and can easily be mounted into or onto the wall.
  • You determine the design so that it suits your interior perfectly!
  • You can use your own text, image or photo on the panel and set the location and function of the touch screen buttons yourself.
  • Start today with X-10 Home Automation or fit this panel into your existing X-10 domotica system.
  • Works easily, without a PC, with every Haibrain X-10 transceiver. Customize it with your own favourite background, buttons and functions and amaze your friends!
  • To be used with a transceiver module such as the TM13 transceiver module, the IRRF7243 Infrared/RF Mini Controller or the SC9000 alarm console or with the new CM15PRO PC Interface.
  • 3 background images are already included :
  • Economical and easy to use alternative to an LCD panel.


Availability: Out of Stock

EUR 154,90



Make your EasyTouch Panel10 unique!
EasyTouch Panel10

Design your own personalised background screen using one of the following methods.

  • Use recommended free design software
    Requires average computer skills (in English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano)
  • Use your own design software
  • Use Adobe Photoshop
    Requires knowledge of Adobe Photoshop!
1. Use recommended free design software

Designing your personalised background screen doesn't have to be difficult. You can use practically any photo-editing software for this. Free on-line software is often available too. You can also edit photos on-line without downloading software. On www.picmonkey.com for example.
Click one of the following demo photos, which you can then edit.



  • Create (for adding text, icons, etc.)
  • Save & Share (for saving your personal background screen on your computer and possibly sharing it with others).

Or go to www.picmonkey.com and use one of your own photos as a basis.

  • Get Started Now!
  • Upload a Photo
  • Edit (to edit your image in the correct format)
  • Create (for adding text, icons, etc.)
  • Save & Share (for saving your personal background screen on your computer and possibly sharing it with others).
2. Use your own design software

If you want to use your own design software, you can download a number of elements here for use in your personalised background screen.

3. Use Adobe Photoshop

Marmitek offers you a number of open Adobe Photoshop files, which can help you create your personalised background screen. Click here to download the package.


Touch screen and frame
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries
  • Material frame: Brushed aluminium
  • Photo size: 218x165mm
  • Visible photo size: 210x154mm
  • Dimensions: 260x205x20mm
  • Transmitter: Incorporated Marmitek X-10/RF transmitter
  • Antenna: Integrated antenna
  • RF Range : Up to 30 m free field, up to 15 m through floors and walls
  • Protocol: Marmitek X-10 RF protocol
  • Number of configurations: Maximum 2
  • Number of buttons: Maximum 30 per configuration
  • Button size: Small (15x15mm) Medium (25x15mm) Big (25x25mm)
  • Minimum room between buttons: 4mm
  • Screen resolution:
    255x255 points
    X resolution 0.9mm
    Y resolution 0.7mm
  • Memory: Settings are saved after loss of power
  • Functions:
    Set house/unit code, Unit ON, Unit OFF, ON, CHANGE (toggle), ALL UNITS OFF, ALL LIGHTING ON DIM+, DIM-
    3 macros each with 4 functions
    2 memories for buttons and settings
    a. Mem 1: with factory settings
    b. Mem 2: empty
    Factory reset
  • Ambient temperature: -10º ~ +60º C (in operation)




09879 Back Box for EasyTouch Panel10 (X-10 Controllers)

Back Box to build the Easy Touch Panel 10 in the wall.

Item #: 09879-CON-BACKBOXETP10

Availability: Out of Stock

EUR 41,90



Back Box to build the EasyTouch Panel 10, Touch-screen controller for X-10 home automation system, in the wall. That X-10 Touch-screen controller is unique, as all House Codes can be used at the same time.

Easytouchpanel 10 Backbox

The Easytouch Panel10 Backbox from Marmitek® is designed for your Easytouch Panel10 control panel.
With the Backbox you can easily mount your wireless panel10 in the wall, to create a professional look.




Marmitek 09584 SC9000 Console (X-10 Controllers)

Alarmconsole / telecontroller with dial-in function 433MHz.
  • Control unit for wirelesss X10 Alarm system - no need to drill holes in your home!
  • Be alerted by phone on up to 6 numbers if alarm is triggered when your away.
  • Panic button feature to warn others if you are in danger.
  • Display in your own language (english, german, french, dutch, italian, portugese, spanish, swedish, turkish, romanian)
  • System can be extended by adding more sensors - expand the system as and when needed.
  • Silent alarm and partial arm features.
  • Activate X10 lighting automatically when alarm triggers. (With optional X10 receivers)
  • Switches lights On and Off for "lived in" look.
  • Intelligent sensor control: the console checks functions and battery status.
  • Menu control in your own language makes installation and configuration easy.
  • Use the phone to listen to what is causing the alarm in your home.
  • You can register up to 30 wireless sensors with the console, up to 16 wireless remote controls and there are 2 inputs for wired sensors.
  • Silent alarm possible (no siren).
  • By calling the system, you can control the system remotely and check the status. The TotalGuard also lets you switch on the lights.
  • Prevention: Your lights are switched on and off in such a way that it appears as if you are home.
  • Available in an affordable TotalGuard 7 Piece Alarm Kit or SafeGuard 4 Piece Alarm Kit

Item #: 09584-HAI-SC9000

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 days

EUR 119,95



Control unit for X10 Home Automation & Security.

SC9000 Console

The SC9000 is the first affordable Home Security controller combining the essential functions of X-10 Home Automation. It's a fully supervised 32 zone security system that gives you the power to protect and automate your home whether you are at home or away. Complete with built-in «prevention features» that make a house look lived-in and alarm dial-out in the event of an alarm, its centralized control always ensures you know the status of your home. (This feature can be coupled with the X10 ActiveHome to provide macro status control).

Remote control from anywhere in the world with the capability of knowing the status of your security system, or to arm it or disarm it, for letting you enter your friends or the housekeeper. (No need to give away your PIN code). Upgradeability to control 16 macros or zones with any number of appliances. The SC9000 is the best way to start enjoying the benefits of Home Automation without the risk that your system will not grow with your growing needs, nor the risk that your system will become out-of-date. X10 Home Automation is upgradeable with built-in compatibility. Products installed many years ago still function with the latest equipments.


  • Supply: 230VAC 50 Hz, 4 x AA back-up battery - 24-hour stand-by.
  • Supply current : < 80 mA capacitive
  • Signal transmission: > 5Vpp in 5 Ohm at 120 kHz ± 1 kHz
  • X-10 transmission: 1 pulse burst at 0?, 60? and 120?
  • Sends X-10 Key codes: On, Off.
  • RF receiver frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Certification: TBR21 approved telephone selector
  • Integrated siren: 95 dB (A)
  • Capacity: Up to and incl.: 30 sensors (door/ window, motion sensors and/or broken glass sensors) 2 wired inputs and 16 remote controls.
  • Memory: 6 telephone numbers, (non-volatile) each max. 16 digits
  • Control panel: For control of 16 zones and/or macros.
  • Ambient temperature: - 10° C to + 50° C (operation) - 20° C to + 70° C (storage)
  • Dimensions: 220x140x40mm

In order to continue improving the product, Marmitek reserves the right to change specifications and/or designs without prior notice.

  • 1x SC9000 - Security console (Alarm panel)
  • AC adapter (E-plug)
  • Accessories: batteries, telephone wire, telephone plug


WARNING: extreme local conditions such as thick walls, a great deal of iron in walls or ceilings and high levels of radiation as a result of radio/TV masts next to the house may make signal transmission impossible. 99% of European housing, however, should encounter no problems at all in terms of signal loss.




Marmitek 09688 IRRF 7243 Minicontroller/ Transceiver (X-10 Controllers)

Control X-10 modules with your IR&RF Remote!
  • Control panel for switching and dimming almost all your electrical appliances.
  • Controls Haibrain X10 modules via the existing mains.
  • Can be used directly by pressing the buttons on the Mini Controller/Transceiver (e.g. On/Off, Dim, All Off, etc.).
  • Can be controlled using an X-10 compatible infra-red remote control (e.g. Haibrain EasyIcon10 RF, Philips Pronto, some One for All models, etc.).
  • Can be controlled wirelessly using an X-10 RF signal (e.g. Haibrain RF remote control Haibrain EasyIcon10 RF, Haibrain wall switch SS13, Haibrain motion detector MS13, etc.)
  • Receives all 16 Housecodes

Item #: 09688-CON-IRRF7243

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 days

EUR 79,95


The IRRF 7243 is a very nifty control panel for switching appliances and lights ON and OFF. Everything can be controlled in combination with Marmitek X-10 modules, easy and without the need for extra wires. Ideal for switching Off all the lights before going to bed, switching On an outdoor lamp or switching Off TVs. Compatible with and extendable with all Marmitek X-10 modules. Transfer Infra-red and High-frequency signals from Marmitek wireless controllers (remote controls, wireless switches and wireless sensors) to the Marmitek X-10 protocol on the mains.



Digimax 210 programmable Thermostat (X-10 Controllers)

Wireless programmable X10 thermostat, easy to use.
  • Wireless programmable X10 thermostat, easy to use
  • With Liquid Crystal display and Low battery warning
  • To be used with the SC9000 Maxicontroller
  • RF range: 15-30 metres (through walls and ceilings), 100 meters (open field)


Availability: Out of Stock

EUR 53,90


Termostato programmabile compatibile SOLO col Maxi Controller Marmitek SC9000.

Il Termostato RF DigiMax210 non necessita di alcun cavo aggiuntivo e funziona in un raggio d‘azione di 30 metri. E' equipaggiato di un codice RF di sicurezza che la console SC9000 è in grado di imparare durante l'installazione. Questo codice assicura che il Maxi Controller risponda esclusivamente ai messaggi inviati dal DigiMax 210. Possono essere collegati fino a 4 DigiMax210 al Maxi Controller SC9000.
Dipendentemente dalle informazioni inviate dai Termostati, la console SC9000 invierà messaggi X-10 sulla linea elettrica per accendere e spegnere i Moduli X-10 collegati all'impianto di riscaldamento o al boiler. Ogni Termostato trasmette il "Comfort set point" e la temperatura ambiente. Nella console SC9000 è possibile inserire un differenziale di temperatura compreso tra 1 e 9 gradi centigradi rispetto al "Comfort set point". Quando il Maxi Controller è in modo "Disarm" oppure "Arm home" mode, esso accenderà o spegnerà il Modulo X-10 collegato all'impianto di riscaldamento dipendentemente dai valori della temperatura ambientale e del "Comfort set point". Quando la console è in modalità "Arm Away", viene applicato il differenziale rispetto al "Comfort set point". Supponiamo che la temperatura ambientale sia di 15 °C, il "Comfort set point" sia di 20 °C, con un differenziale di 4 °C: il "Comfort set point" meno il differenziale è pari a 20°C -4°C = 16°C, quindi la console invierà un messaggio On. Se la temperatura sale a 19 °C, il "Comfort set point" meno il differenziale è sempre di 20°C - 4°C = 16 °C, quindi la console invierà un messaggio OFF.




RAIN8II-X10 Sprinkler Controller 2-way model (X-10 Controllers)

Use Your X-10 System to Save Water and Keep Your Lawn Green.
  • Control sprinkler zones like you control other X10-connected devices
  • Designed for use with X10-compatible computer interfaces and other devices that can generate the X10 Status Request command.
  • In addition to giving you the power to poll irrigation zones to determine their on/off status, it also allows your computer to send a command to the module then check to see if the command was carried out. If not, the computer can automatically send the command again.
  • There are no limitations on the number of zones that may be active at one time.
  • Default run timers can be disabled if desired.
  • Responds the X10 "All Units Off" command.
  • Manual mode only


Availability: Out of Stock

EUR 169,90



Come funziona?

Per configurare Rain8II puoi collegarlo al computer (Windows o Mac) ed eseguire l'applicazione di configurazione. Ciò ti consente di assegnare gl'indirizzi X-10 alle zone.

Collegando l'irrigazione al tuo sistema X-10, sarai in grado di programmare la schedulazione dell'irrigazione sul monitor del tuo computer e attivare le valvole al tocco del mouse, così come qualsiasi altro elettrodomestico X-10. Inoltre, grazie alla caratteristica bidirezionale del sistema, il Controller Irrigazione Bidirezionale X-10 Rain8 confermerà qualsiasi segnale inviato, verificandone la ricezione ON/OFF dall'abitazione.

Una completa schedulazione d'irrigazione può essere attivata dalla ricezione di un singolo comando X-10.
Grazie alla sua doppia modalità, ogni zona indivisuale può essere comandata indipendentemente, secondo i desideri dell'utente.
Ottimo utilizzo in combinazione col Software HomeSeer per la Domotica.


  • Alimentazione: 24 - 27VAC, 50 o 60 Hz
  • Richiesto trasformatore da 220V AC a 24V AC (non fornito!)
  • Assorbimento Controller: 30 mA
  • Tensione e corrente Valvola Irrigazione: 24VAC , 250 mA max. (con trasformatore 250mA)
Connessioni: Connettore 12 terminali plug-in.
La progettazione due-moduli consente di scollegare il controller dalle valvole d'irrigazione e dall'alimentazione:
  • Terminali 1 - 8 (valvole irrigazione 1 - 8)
  • Terminale 9 (comune valvole irrigazione)
  • Terminale 10 (scollegato)
  • Terminali 11 & 12 (24V AC dal trasformatore)
Collegamento PC:
  • Porta seriale RS-232. Utilizzata solo per configurare il controller. Il controller viene alimentato dal PC : DB9
Interfaccia PowerLine:
  • Interfaccia PowerLine (porta dati RJ11) si collega all'interfaccia bidirezionale XM10 (disponibile su richiesta).
    Cavo d'interconnessione incluso: RJ11
  • Dimensioni: 96,52 x 60,96 x 25,40 mm
  • Peso: 113,40 g
  • Temperatura operativa: da -6°C tot a +51°C (20°F-125°F)


Software Configurazione Rain8

Di seguito, il software necessario per configurare i tuoi moduli Rain8 con le impostazioni desiderate quali indirizzi X-10, tempo di funzionamento di default e modalità operative. Generalmente, il software viene utilizzato solo durante la fase iniziale di installazione e configurazione.

Windows Two-way Rain8II configuration program  SW Windows configurazione Rain8II bidirezionale
Macintosh (OS X & OS 9) Configuration software for both one and two way Rain8 modules  SW Macintosh (OS X & OS 9) configurazione Rain8II uni-bidirezionale
Linux software for Rain8. Requires GTK 2.0  SW Linux configurazione Rain8. Richiede GTK 2.0


ATTENZIONE: L'Interfaccia Bidirezionale XM10 (disponibile su richiesta) è indispensabile per il corretto funzionamento del sistema.


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