NEW | Marmitek TV Anywhere Wireless HD

For over 15 years, we have offered our range of solutions for watching TV anywhere in and around your home, the TV Anywhere series. Last year, we sold our very last Digital TV Anywhere, a digital transmitter for transmitting SD content.

For wireless transmission of HDMI, we have the high-quality GigaView 811 and the GigaView 821 in our range. However, their application is suitable only for use on the same floor. If the signal needs to be transmitted to another floor, our product line offers the HDTV Anywhere

This enables an HDMI signal to be sent via the power network in the home. A few years ago, we made a breakthrough with the latter solution, achieving coverage throughout the entire house.

We now add a wireless solution to our portfolio, which allowed us to achieve some huge improvements:

Wireless solution with excellent coverage throughout the house
Image quality is similar to a wired solution
Pricing acceptable, giving it the best quality/price ratio

In our view, effective immediately, the TV Anywhere Wireless HD will be the product you can, to the complete satisfaction of your customers, recommend as the very best solution for transmitting HDMI wirelessly throughout the home. Effective immediately, this is the best of class wireless product in the 'WATCH' category.


Reasons to switch to one of our aforementioned, more expensive alternatives?

GigaView 811

Portable solution for business use, for the tranfer from van laptop to screen or tv, with AC3/DTS sound quality.
>> Single room

GigaView 821

In gaming applications, where uncompressed HDMI may be of importance. If PCM Stereo is inadequate, and AC3/DTS sound quality is also required.
>> Single floor

HDTV Anywhere

If the customer does not want a wireless solution, but would rather send a signal over the powerline. 
>> Full house coverage


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