Return Merchandise Authorization


It may happen you need to return a product for several reasons.

  • Wrong order.
  • Material not suitable to your needs.
  • Returning exercising the right of withdrawal.
  • Failed product under/out of warranty.
  1. Before shipping, please contact our Technical Support by specifying in greater detail the material to be returned and the reason for the return.
  2. Nicoshop may suggest some tests to determine the nature of the problem and, where possible, to solve it.
  3. In case of return, our Customer Service will send you by e-mail the RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization) to be inserted in the RMA form.
  4. Please pack the material carefully. Write the RMA number on the outside in a visible way.
  5. Please ship the material to: Nicoshop - Via Vespucci 40A/4A, 16156, Genova-Pegli (GE), Italyfreight prepaid.

The simple check of the material returned, made by Nicoshop engineers, is always free (both during and after the warranty period).
Repairs/replacements under warranty are free of charge. Repairs/replacements out of warranty are subject to quotation so that you can decide whether or not to proceed to the repair.
The product returned to Nicoshop can be repaired or replaced with a new one. In any case, you cannot request a new product in replacement of a product not yet returned.


In Electronics is relatively common to face functional problems. The majority of malfunctions come from wiring problems, bad power supply or incorrect use of appliances.
Over 70% of products returned to Nicoshop via RMA turn out perfectly working. In the event of non-defective returned goods, Nicoshop does not charge any intervention, but is obliged to protect themselves from the payment of transport costs which do not compete.
Therefore, all returned products must be sent freight prepaid. You can request the return to port assigned only in case of shipping error made by Nicoshop.
Performed the intervention, both in warranty and out of warranty, Nicoshop will bear the cost of returning the material sent prepaid.


All Nicoshop interventions under warranty don't provide, under any circumstances, repackaging and aesthetic reconditioning of products.
At the end, the product is returned to the user in exactly the same conditions of packaging in which it was made​and with the same range of accessories found upon return of the material.

WARNING! Any goods returned without prior authorization and therefore without RMA number will be rejected.

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