Visonic PowerMax PRO Kit (Home security)

The Most Advanced Home Security and Automation Platform.
  • High-end, modular design
  • Self contained; no need for external boxes
  • Multiple optional built-in modules:
    • Internal PowerLink module enables camera connectivity for real-time viewing and system operation
    • Internal GSM/GPRS communicator
    • Internal Broadband IP* communicator
    • Internal RFID (proximity tag) reader
    • External voice box
  • Integral X-10 interface for home management – alarms, lights, home appliances control.
  • Supports up to 3 partitions and multiple common areas (Optional)
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, pagers, SMS messages, e-mail, web applications, mobile phones, landline phones
  • Two-way PowerCode™ RF system with diversity antenna enables support for Visonic's two-way sirens and two-way keyfobs for instant feedback from the system
  • Internal or external power supply
  • Elder care application
  • LCD-based user interface
  • 28 wireless zones with additional 2 hardwired ports, 1 12v hardwired siren port and 1 PGM port for full coverage of connectivity options
  • Up to 72 hours battery backup
  • Supports 8 user codes
  • Full compliance with most international standards including FCC, EN50131 Grade 2 and more


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EUR 948,64


PowerMax®Pro is an all-in-one wireless home security system that brings an entirely new level of versatility, connectivity and style to the world of home security. It lets homeowners view and control their homes from anywhere via any web browser or mobile phone, delivering ease of use and reliability, in an elegant, contemporary design.

The PowerMaxPro's intelligent, professional grade architecture delivers exceptionally robust performance, starting with a fast and easy installation and setup. With its built-in PSTN communicator and X-10 home control interface, and the ability to add internal GSM/GPRS or Broadband IP* communications modules, it offers users and installers outstanding flexibility: homeowners can select the home security system that matches their requirements and budget; and service providers gain the perfect platform for offering web-based security solutions.

Adding the unique internal PowerLink module turns PowerMaxPro into a fully managed web-based security and home control solution. This solution includes real-time camera surveillance and home control, alarm time image verification, mobile phone and email event notifications, and much more. Homeowners can be logged in to the system via any web browser.

Breeze through installation using intuitive menus and voice prompts. Reduce training time and customer support with the icon-based keypad and audio/visual system status notifications.


Kit contents:
  • Nr. 1 Wireless Console - supervised 30 zones
  • Nr. 1 NEXT Wireless PIR Motion Sensor - 15 metres range
  • Nr. 1 Wireless Door/Window Sensor
  • Nr. 1 Wireless 4-Channel Minitransmitter



Visonic PowerMax PLUS Kit (Home security)

A New Standard in the Field of Domotica for Smart Homes.
  • Remote home management – alarms, lights, appliances, A/C – via telephony, cellular or Internet connections
  • Optional GSM-based backup communication channel – for uninterrupted connectivity even in case of tampering with the system
  • Fast and easy installation; easy and convenient programming options
  • Complete home control solution – provides status updates and controls up to 15 electrical devices
  • Detectors supported: PIR and pet-immune motion detectors; glass-break, flood, smoke and gas detectors; door/window magnetic contact, and more
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, pagers, SMS messages, e-mail, web applications, mobile phones and regular phones
  • Family message center with standard and remote access for voice recording/playback
  • Remotely initiated hands-free two-way voice communication
  • Latchkey mode informs parents of a child’s arrival to the home
  • Intuitive textual and audible user interface with language adaptation
  • Full compliance with international standards and regulations


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EUR 810,70


La centrale PowerMax Plus™ Visonic ricetrasmittente, rapprensenta un nuovo standard nella gestione domotica dell’abitazione moderna. Efficiente, flessibile, affidabile ed esteticamente accattivante PowerMax Plus™ è quanto di meglio la tecnologia della sicurezza via radio possa offrire attualmente. La grande novità è rappresentata dalla connessione via web della centrale, completamente gestibile da remoto tramite collegamento IP oppure via GSM. Da oggi è possibile visualizzare immagini della vostra abitazione via INTERNET, programmare l’accensione e lo spegnimento di qualunque dispositivo elettrico, ricevere SMS sullo stato dell’impianto o in caso di allarme e comunicare in viva voce, il tutto in modo estremamente semplice ed intuitivo, grazie alla messaggistica vocale.

PowerMax Plus™ lavora su frequenza approvata dal ministero delle comunicazioni e grazie alla codifica digitale Code Secure® risulta estremamente sicura ed affidabile, immune da interferenze di ogni tipo. La centrale è ricetrasmittente, riceve i segnali inviati dai sensori e li monitorizza costantemente per una sicurezza al massimo livello. Grazie all’apposito dispositivo opzionale GSM, PowerMax Plus™ eleva lo standard di affidabilità svincolandosi dalla linea telefonica convenzionale e quindi da eventuali manomissioni e sabotaggi.

PowerMax Plus™ è dotata di 30 zone di cui due cablabili, è totalmente compatibile con tutta la gamma di sensori PowerCode® Visonic con frequenza 868 MHz. e si arricchisce di alcune novità, come la sirena via radio da esterno, la nuova tastiera di comando, il comunicatore web e la webcamera. Il sistema è modulare ed espandibile, completamente via radio e predisposto per le funzioni di teleassistenza remota. Inoltre è possibile collegare PowerMax Plus™ ad un centro di vigilanza o alla stazione di Polizia per un pronto intervento in caso di allarme.


Contenuto del Kit:
  • Nr. 1 Centrale via radio supervisionata "PowerMax PLUS" 30 zone
  • Nr. 1 Infrarosso passivo NEXT via radio portata 12 metri
  • Nr. 1 Contatto magnetico via radio
  • Nr. 1 Minitrasmettitore quadricanale



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